Thursday, September 22, 2011

Placebo - the meaning effect - healers - and love

Some of the ways in which were constantly unconsciously effecting and being effected in the world:

Here's a really interesting study on the effects of music, noise, and "healing energy" on the germination and growth of plant seeds:

A paper on the biological effects of electromagnetic fields on biological tissues - its much more dense and impenetrable because of the terminology but it's worth struggling through. It provides a really amazing picture of cellular space, and it also has widespread implications because all living beings produce EMFs - from the pulsing of their heart and the blood running through their veins, from the firing of neurons, ect. All these fields are constantly interacting with each other, along with the various fields generated by the earth, underground vibrations, storms, the churning of our plants molten rock core, and now were constantly walking through a much denser soup of the various EMF frequencies emitted by computer screens, cell phones, power lines, electrical wiring in our homes, wifi, lightbulbs, radio waves, car engines, ect.

Also, this is just a really amazing way to try and understand the scale of cells, atoms, and other microscopic things:

These are amoeba, single celled organisms visible to the naked eye -- so amazingly beautiful!

last thing - this is an NPR audio clip about some studies on the effects of belief on healing and sickness, as well as some really profound studies they've done on people who love each other. Essentially they separated couples into two rooms that were electromagnetically sealed and found that one of them looked at an image of the other, the other person's heart-rate and galvanic skin response spiked.

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  1. Fantastic blog post. So many interesting items. Have downloaded the placebo articles.

    I had no idea amoebas were so big, about the size of a grain of salt. Our fellow earthly creatures...

    The Quantum Entanglement NPR story is fascinating. I'm going to see if I can find anything else on this.


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